Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hair Rut

I am seriously contemplating bangs. I have never had full on bangs. Maybe a bang--the one that sweeps to the side but not the real deal. Usually these things end up ruining my life for a couple of months. Note to self: Everything looks better on J Crew models.

Anyone had a bad experience with bangs? Warn me now.
My biggest fear is I will have a stringy greasy bang that sticks to my forehead all day aka split bang syndrome.
My second biggest fear is the Lloyd (Dumb and Dumber) bang.


  1. I had bangs once I just couldnt deal with washing them everyday. I am more of a washing my hair every 3 days kind of person...

  2. I had bangs once in my adult might remember them. I just pinned them back every day after like the first week b/c I got tired of messing with them.

  3. I have bangs and love them. They regularly get complimented too. I feel like my face needs bangs to frame it better. They are a little more work though.

  4. do it! you can always pin them back or something if you don't like them. Plus - your hair is never greasy.