Thursday, August 25, 2011

Around My House

I had a fancy shmancy dinner party with some of my favorite people. Do not let the "adult like" table fool you, the food was sub par. Turns out there is more to having a super fab dinner party than pretty plates. Note to self: Practice your cooking skills. 

I thought maybe if I distracted my friends with pretty flowers they would not focus on why my pasta noodles were overcooked. 

I forgot to post about these chairs earlier. I ordered them from Stack chairs 4 less. They were super cheap and delivered right to my door. They are a great substitute until we get real outdoor furniture and I figured I could save them if we ever need extra seating for a dinner party. 

Then there is Hank. He looks so sweet. 

Not so much...

A hole. 

The more of my interior design books he eats, the more he looks like the dog on One Kings Lane.

Sort of new sketch 42 print. 
That is all. My mom keeps requesting posts about dogs and Doug but there is not a lot going on around these parts.  


  1. aren't dinner parties fun?! speaking of fun, i love your little chiavari chairs. what are they made out of? i need some less bulky chairs for my little blue dining table.

  2. The painting is gorgeous. Great buy!

  3. That tablescape is just gorgeous! And I am crying for you....I LOVE the Domino book!

  4. I think I am registering for the same china as you have!!! Absolutely love it.