Friday, July 15, 2011

I tried...

After talking with my friend Garison about making friendship bracelets all day I was so excited. I went and bought tons of thread. I mean, how hard could it be? Thirteen year olds around the world do it everyday.  Pretty hard. I wanted to murder someone after I was done. I ended up throwing away my attempts and just doing a regular braid. Patience is not a attribute I possess. I tried...

We finally got a break from the 100 degree weather and 100% humidity. Doug and I decided to grill out. I do not usually post about food because I never cook anything. I try and leave that mess to the pro. Last night because I was feeling super domestic (and I really wanted something pretty to put on my china) I decided to kind of cook dinner.  We had jasmine rice with mango salsa. Doug grilled some Mahi and I put more mango salsa on that. That is the extent of my cooking. I have to say it was delish and it looked pretty.

Hope everyone has a good weekend.


  1. I always have such big ambitions when I try to make friendship bracelets and mine always turn out terrible! I love your braided one though-the blue and gold combo is perfect!

    Hope you have a lovely weekend!

  2. Bummer...I think you have to be 13 to do it :)

  3. I think your bracelet and your dinner both look amazing! Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Jess, this looks amazing!!!! Proud of you!