Thursday, January 6, 2011

One Whole Year

Doug and I have been engaged a year as of today. 
I plan on celebrating our quasi-anniversary by not talking about wedding planning for an entire night.
You are welcome.


  1. You remind me of Sarah Jessica Parker! Your body language accents it too! haha... Cute pictures

  2. Happy 1 year! Wow - that really flew by! Love you.

  3. Congrats! I saw you're comment on MlovesM

    good luck with your planning! ... except not tonight :)

    xo Kirby

  4. Great Pics! Love your gift. My husband probably asked for that for every event we celebrated leading up to the wedding! hehehe!

  5. You are totally channeling Emerson, and I love it! Thanks so much, Jessie! 2010 wasn't the easiest with the whole jobless thing, but my fingers are crossed for 2011!!! p.s. You guys are such a handsome couple!!! :)

  6. Y'all are adorable! The engagement is so fun! And then married is even better! Enjoy the ride!