Monday, August 9, 2010

Wedding Website

Wedding websites are boring. I about fell asleep trying to update ours tonight. We are making progress on the bedroom...there has been some painting but no headboard construction.

Wedding Website! Check it out and tell me how boring it is.

Looking for pictures for the website made me think of why I am marrying this man who refuses to wallpaper my entryway.

Reason #1- He does not like to wear shirts. It took me a while to find a picture of him clothed.

Reason #2-There was this one time when he spent 3 weeks painting perfect stripes on the worlds longest wall (to avoid getting wallpaper)

Reason #3- He can play the first 30 seconds of every country song ever written.

Reason # 4- His mad face makes me laugh really hard because he looks like Zoolander. This is usually the look I get when I talk about wallpaper, J Crew, or Real Housewives. I am thankful I have this blog to get out all my girly thoughts. I know he appreciates it and I appreciate all of you for reading and helping me stay sane :)

He thinks all I do is "hate on men" so I had to prove him wrong. Hopefully this will be the buttering up I need to get wallpaper :)

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